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Facklamia hominis. Riemerella columbina. Pigeon palatine cleft. 27 Facklamia hominis causing infective endocarditis associated with. multiple embolic strokes: a case report. S. Safavi, M. Tufnell, A. Bhalla, St. Helier Hospital,  Facklamia hominis.

Facklamia hominis

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Echantillon P/14647. Echantillon P/15017. Sérologie. 19 Oct 2014 Facklamia hominis. FM873983, FM873872.

The genome contains ermB and tet(M) genes, consistent with the isolate’s phenotypic resistance to macrolides and tetracycline.

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Autores: José María Goméz Luque, Carla Foronda García Hidalgo, José Gutiérrez Fernández; Localización:  Corynebacterium coyleae. Facklamia hominis. Staphylococcus cohnii ssp cohniiv . Streptococcus gordoniiB.

Facklamia hominis

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The bacteria was then recovered from placentas [2], mitral valves [3], [4], and joints [5]. 2020-12-07 · Facklamia hominis is a gram-positive, facultative anaerobic, alpha-hemolytic, catalase-negative coccus [ 7 ]. It was first described in 1997 [ 8 ], and for six clinical isolates, previously nonclassified cocci were characterized by phenotypic and phylogenetic methods as Facklamia hominis [ 9 ].
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On the basis of phylogenetic and phe- notypic evidence, it is proposed that the unknown bacterium be classified as Facklamia ignava sp. nov.

IJSEM list: Anonymous. Notification list.
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n. Facklamia, named after Richard R. Facklam, an American microbiologist. Gender: feminine.

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2019 Jun;32(3):278-280. Epub 2019 Apr 30. [Article in Spanish] Authors J M Facklamia sourekii is similar to these species: Facklamia hominis, Facklamia miroungae, Facklamia languida and more. Facklamia hominis is a catalase-negative facultative anaerobic and Gram-positive bacterium that was initially isolated from urine, vagina, blood and abscesses in humans [1]. The bacteria was then recovered from placentas [2], mitral valves [3,4], and joints [5].

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Facklamia hominis  Extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing Shigella sonnei. Facklamia. Facklamia hominis. Facklamia ignava. Facklamia languida. Facklamia sourekii. All species.

MMDB · Home · About · Frequency · Projects · Samples · How to cite. 背景・ねらい. Facklamia属は1997年に新属として提唱され、現在までに6菌種(F.